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The Quantum Code Software Scam – An Authentic Review

The Quantum code Software is build by Michael Crawford who tried to convince people into investing money in this software that will help to generate millions in just a matter of one day! Sounds interesting, aren’t it?

There are lots of people who would like to earn some free online money just by fluke! That is what scammers take into account, when they try manipulating people by advertising about any free moneymaking software! The Quantum Code is one such software, which is look like a massive scam in the Internet world.

These people will go all the way to send you fake emails and fake signals so that you can fall into their convincing talks. This article would discuss why this software is total scam.

In depth Review of Quantum Code Scam

For The Quantum Code review Start from the very beginning. Login to the website and you would be shown a video where you would be introduced to a man called Michael Crawford. Are you familiar with the name? This man claims that he has featured in financial magazines and Forbes as well. He also claims that he has three nicknames by which he is known throughout the world. Now who is this man? We have never seen him in any magazine or any Forbes or Wall Street journals. Michael Crawford is a crook who has just been hired as an actor to promote the software with all lies. He has never featured in any magazine or any newspaper documentary. All the more, this actor has also been seen in another of the scam presentations called Terran capitals. This is a great proof that the website is a total scam and at the same time, robbing people of their money.


Scam website –

Person – Michael Crawford (Fake Name)

Quantum Code would rob you ultimately

Read the website well and you would see that one of the employees talk about being rescued from being full-time employees at Wall Street.He also claims that The Quantum Code software works by scanning and analyzing markets to search for trades that are placed by traders.This signifies that this software is a platform that copies and duplicates result from other traders. Michael calls this platform an upper hand trading robot that is the best in the market. However, it is a known fact that a copy trader would never succeed when it scans markets randomly for traders.

Is the Quantum Code software fully transparent?

Now lets find out about transparency of this software

  • The software does not mention the selection criteria that it uses to find good traders. This is one of the most valuable information that they have not highlighted in their presentation. This is thus another instance where it is proved that the software is a scam.
  • Also, the counters that are displayed in the bottom of the page are totally fake. You can check it yourself by refreshing the website and take a look at the proceedings. The spots increase all of a sudden, though they are claimed to be taken by others. It falls from 10 to 1 and suddenly again increases to 25.What does this mean? How can spots increase and decrease all of a sudden?
  • Thirdly, he also claims that you would be making earnings of around $10k to $100k per day using the system. People who into the real Binary system can vouch that this is totally next to impossible. Even if you invest your whole account balance starting from 250$ you will not even earn 2k$ per day.

Totally fake promises 

The Quantum Code Software is trying to rob people of their money and one fine day you would log in and see that the website has also disappeared. They are not following any principles of the binary method and the scam is 100% true. Also, have you ever received money for free? Can you get money without investing anything? That is what Michael Crawford states in the presentation. However, the real truth of the software is, you would not be allowed to test the software until you deposit a 250$.

Use your common sense

Before investing in any such software, always use your common sense. Software like this always turn out to be fake. Do not trust them. You can always try them out if you have some free money, but at the same time be ready to lose your money. The Quantum Code software App is a confirmed Binary option investment scam, and extensive reviews have also provided ample proof of the same.

Please refrain from using this sort of software for increasing your money. There is nothing legitimate about this software, and there is some erroneous and misleading information. The traders are completely misled with incorrect information. They are also taking the help of inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, false advertisements and promotions and actors who are dishonest.

Important information 

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The Quantum Code software Verdict

Finally, in conclusion, Quantum Code software is complete scam software as

Scam seal

  • The player is false
  • The people involved in the presentation are misleading
  • The software itself is wrong
  • It is impossible to make such a large amount of money in just one day
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