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Push Money App is Scam: Total Farce! : Detail Review

Push Money App is new talk of the town due to various reasons and this article will give you a detailed review for this scam so that you can get a clear idea about it. It’s almost always a stinker in waiting when a deal is too good to be true.

After much hype about this app that supposedly earns people scores of money without even lifting their fingers we decided to investigate if the app is worth your money, time, and effort or not. The answer – not! Right from fake accounts to fake checks that the “members” received to fake actors to fake videos and even a fake company, the Push Money App Scam is for real, and we’re here to prove it with evidence.

Push Money App review: what is the app all about?

In layman terms, Push Money App claims to be software that automatically puts your money in high performing shares. However, does such a trading system exist that only puts your money where it will return in multiple folds? The answer is, in the world no, that does not happen.

Some systems on the market claim to earn you money once you invest in buying it, but there is no guarantee that you won’t lose your hard earned money almost as soon as you invest in the brokers account. This is because the system, binary options trading requires a right trading system to make money otherwise even the smartest of people can lose a lot of money.

Puzzling invitation only system

Why we think that the Push Money App Scam is for real is because if it is such an official and formal app, why is it invitation only? Most other trading systems open their sales pages to the general public so that they can have as many account holders as possible, that too quickly. Even the most genuine trading software loses money, and they don’t want you to figure that out.

Hence, our Push Money App review suggests that there is something fishy. The sales page is not accessible to the general public, and when you do get an invite, it is only too easy a process to become a member. All you have to do is have an email account and a first name. In the members area, you will have to open a new broker’s account and deposit a minimum of $250. Almost immediately you will receive a matched amount in your agent’s account.

Another funny catch : FREE BONUS

The website offers an instant $10,000 bonus in your broker account, but it works on matching deposit bonus system which means you will not receive money unless you put your hard earned money. This is where ideally alarms should start ringing in your head. Why should you have to invest the equal amount of money as your bonus? That is because there is no guarantee that this software will earn you any real money over and above the money that you invested in the first place. Push Money App is pure scam.

Fake checks and fake company

When we dug our fingers further in the Push Money App, we discovered that the controls being boasted about in the videos are a hundred percent fake. For instance, the verifies that the Push Money App sent to its members have a date that goes back to May 12, 2015, a date when this website wasn’t even conceived.

In fact, precise data from shows that was January 9, 2016. Moreover, the check sports the address 1500 SW Broadway, Portland that is the fake one too. There is no such company or for that matter any such existing address. You cannot confirm the identity of the company by its location, ownership, profits by members, anything that the video is trying to make people believe. Hence, our verdict, Push Money App is real scam.

push money app scam

Fake people and fake videos

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan, the charming owners of the company, have no virtual identity. Isn’t it strange for two people who own a business and would like to market it or spread the word using social networking sites as they are among the best marketing tools right now? Despite all this, we couldn’t find them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google. We tried searching in different ways, putting the pictures first, and then putting the names but they never matched.

They are just a couple of conniving actors who are trying to fool people into giving their hard earned money to fellow shady brokers. The videos have been created using some intelligent script and excellent location shots. But neither Margaret nor Dennis nor his wife or the fake caller who screams in Dennis’s ear while he is driving is for real. Interestingly, the beta testers were tricked in investing the first $250 because they were told that the software was still in the testing stage, and they were filmed only when they won money while the software was not running. With so much untraceable information.

push money app review

Hazardous bonus conditions

The basic functioning of the software requires the investors first to lock in a huge amount of money before it is recovered by the trading pattern. The investors might realize way later that it is going to take forever even to retrieve the amount that they had invested initially. In all possibility, the investors might incur substantial losses later in their investment. Our Push Money App Scam verdict – when you can’t understand the terms and conditions of a basic investment model, the app is scrap!

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Push Money App Verdict

Do not fall into this trap!

scam-alert-sealWe have done our research and given you evidence that the Push Money App Scam is definitely for real. Now, do yourselves a favor, don’t just believe us, but do your research too and you will know what we’re talking is for real. You will get the same results, and you will know for real that the addresses, the checks, the people, everything that internet claims about Push Money App is total scam.

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