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Prizm Tech is SCAM – Review with all details

Prizm Tech Scam Review –  This software is very appealing software designed to look like a genuine money making machine in the binary trading system online market. Let us find out whether it is really a genuine software or yet another scam to suck away your Vitamin Money.

Prizm Tech scam is slightly different than the other scams in terms of the claims it makes. Prizm Tech Software software does not promise you high profits in little time nor does it show you dreams of becoming a millionaire overnight. It promises you a steady flow of income. This makes it even more predatory and has a high probability in fooling people to dupe their money because who doesn’t wish to create a steady flow of income with less efforts.

What does the Prizm Tech software claim ?

Prizm Tech software is a binary options trading software designed by experts in the field to help the traders reap steady and sure benefits. Allegedly the system sends some API key to the client which is a unique code and it enables better performance as well as accuracy. The software claims to help the traders predict winning signals with an accuracy of 78 % (NOT VERIFIED BY ANYONE)

The Suspious Developer of Prizm Tech-

Richard Squire is the mastermind aka the developer of this software. He claims that he is an online trader guru and with his in depth knowledge in the field he has created this system to help all the traders to make some money. In reality Richard Squire is merely a paid actor and we are sure this would not be his real name too. The team of predators behind this scam gives some lame explanation about the existence of this software since 2007 and how it has successfully helped many people to create a consistent inflow of funds.

prizm tech review

The SCAM story of Prizm tech Software

Richard Squire is the alleged developer of the software Prizm Tech and he claims that he developed this system back in 2007. He further claims that this software became the basis of various other binary options trading software which failed eventually because they did not have a unique API code. Prizm tech has an edge over other similar software because it has what the others do not possess – the unique API key ! With the help of this key the traders will be able to get accurate signals and will be able to make good amount of profits.

To win the trust of the prospective clients they also mention that in spite of this system being a profitable one you will not become a millionaire overnight and they also list down names of other software who turned out to be scams. By using this strategy they are trying to establish false confidence in traders at least the newbie traders who get fooled by this ridiculous story and make the mistake of signing up with them.

If you are a newbie trader and reading our review right now then find yourself fortunate that you got the warning right on time.

prizm tech scam review

Before you decide to throw away all your earnings into such dubious system and regret for lifetime, Let us list down point wise the crux of this manipulative software which each one of you should be aware of –

  • While going through the Prizm Tech website you will notice one thing that will ring the bell of something being fishy or not right. There are no disclaimers or policies or no way of contacting their support team. The lack of information and the standard risk warnings is a clear sign of danger that one should make a note of.
  • The other claim that exposes this fabricated story is that they promise a consistent winning ratio of 78 % and will make you earn over $300 in an hour. This does not make sense at all because with a win ratio of anything below 85 % you can hardly earn about $100 a day.
  • The developer Mr Squire claims that he created and has been testing this auto trading system since 2007 and achieving a consistent winning accuracy rate of 78 % ever since. Now this extra smart developer forgot to check that the binary options trading system has been into existence since only 8 years and the auto trader was available one year after that.
  • The marketing pitch of this software is aimed at screwing up with your emotional state of mind. The gullible lot tend to make that emotional connection and end up losing their money. So be alert and always keep your emotional state aside while researching on which trading software to go with.
  • Apart from the above listed lies the usual trick of using fake testimonials and lack of clear information is one more red flag that adds up to the list.

We are sure that this list down helped you get some clarity as to why are we warning you to stay away from this software.

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Prizm Tech Software Verdict

Prizm Tech is 100 % Scam

Scam sealOur detailed review will surely lead you to one clear conclusion and that is Prizm Tech software is not a least bit trustworthy and is a big scam laced with lies and unreliable claims. There is nothing that can be termed as genuine or trustworthy about this software. Our detailed review has exposed every aspect of this trap that is laid just to deceive the inexperienced traders who enter the market of binary options trading with a dream of making some good profits by investing their earning. But sadly there are ample number of such vultures hovering around in the market ready to set their claws on the innocent traders.

We would advise all our readers to always cross examine the facts these auto trading software claim and also verify their credibility without fail. By doing this you will be able to minimize the risk of placing your money into wrong hands and getting some encouraging returns on your investments.

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