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Polygraph Millionaire Review – Pure Scam: Unbiased Information!

Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review – This software is one of the worst scam that are simply just being repeated to steal away the quite hard earned cash from the ones who join the software. The only aim of the software developers is to take away the money and never give anything back in return as promised.

In the Article below, we have provided many of the evidence regarding the same. Also, there are many reviews regarding the software, which one should read before join the software.

Website –

Developer / CEO –  Daniel Wilkinson (Fake)

Replicated Version of Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

  • When one searches on various tabs the past binary options for Polygraph Millionaire scam review, one might have noticed that the Polygraph Millionaire is nothing but a revived binary options scam by the name of Lie Detector Millionaire.
  • This is one of those scams that used to claim of helping the new traders in the world to make about $28,000 in a single day and not only this, but they were also promised that they would earn about $498,561 by the end of the month.
  • It is quite shocking to see that the same amounts are being displayed on the polygraph Millionaire software. It can only be said that the developers of the software might be too lazy, and so they thought only to change the name of the scam.

Fake Earning Numbers of Polygraph Millionaire Scam

If someone has received a mail in an invitation format in their inbox or even if one of your friends has sent that mail to you, one should always remember to ignore such kind of emails. One should never sign in or click on any links that are related to this website without reading this review. The deep investigation that has been performed by our team of experts suggests that as per the rules of the site, the owners of the software need to make their first deposit of about $250 so that they can get a chance to begin their first trading.

As mentioned earlier, we would warn the readers not to sign up for any such thing. If one does deposit their money here, he or she would only be left with a bucket full of regrets along with $250 less in the bank account. The site owners neither give the traders $28,000 per day or $498,561 at the end of the whole month.

Lie behind the Media and Promotions

In the promotional video of the site, it is seen that Dan Wilkins sits by the machine, which looks like the polygraph machine. The man who is seen in the video is trying to convince the readers of the site to invest their hard earned money on the site that will help them make millions of money. This publicity stunt was accomplished on 7thof October, 2016 for the Polygraph Millionaire scam and in April, 2016 for the Lie Detector Millionaire scam.

The guy in the video and all the developers of the site can be called too lazy in just grabbing the attention of the public on their site by changing the name of the old millionaire scam. It is also seen that the site owners hire fake actors who can perform in their promotional video and they also try to hide their identity. It is clearly seen that the Polygraph Millionaire software does not work at all the way it has been advertised and so one should never fall for the hoax.

polygraph millionaire review

Polygraph Millionaire – An Underrated Scam

Polygraph Millionaire software is one of the most underrated scams, and one should never fall for such scams under any condition. One should never click on any links or sign up on anything that is related to the website in any way. Also, one should always remember not to invest any amount of money on the site, no matter how much the owners promise to return you back.

Some of the more evidence that proves the Polygraph Millionaire software is a proper scam are as mentioned below:

  1. Dan Wilkins is an Actor:Dan Wilkins in the video is seen claiming to be one of the pro binary options traders who is very keen on sharing his deep secrets; hence helping the traders in becoming millionaires. It is also seen that he sits down very close to the machine and pretends that is one of those polygraph test machines while it is only a blood pressure machine. He is one of those actors who is found accused in more than two scams.
  2. Scam has Only Been Repackaged:While doing an investigation in detail, it was noticed that this scam has just been repackaged. The same scam was earlier known as Lie Detector Millionaire scam, which was found fraud and so it was shut down. The developers of the website did not take any extra efforts in changing the content of the site except the name, Polygraph Millionaire.
  3. Fake Profile of the Members:While visiting the site, it will be seen that there are many fake profiles of the Polygraph Millionaire software testers on the site itself. Once our team of experts had completed the investigation, it was found that the pictures on the profiles were stolen away from various social networking accounts. This is observed in all the scam websites. The developers tend to search random people on social networking sites and use their information without even letting them know.

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Polygraph Millionaire Verdict

Polygraph Millionaire is Pure SCAM

Scam sealWe have mentioned every kind of detail that is associated with the Polygraph Millionaire Scam, and we hope that each one of you read this blog before making any transaction with the site. We hope that the above blog was beneficial to you in providing the actual reviews of the scam. If you have any query related to the blog, do ask us by posting in the comment section below.

Our team of helpers would be more than happy to assist you. Do like and comment your valuable reviews in the comment section below. Lastly, do not forget to share this blog as much as possible; after all, sharing is caring!

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