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Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review – New Scam in the Market

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review, Another Scam Busted – 2016 has been packed full of malicious binary options scams and flat out identity theft. All of us have been targeted by most of them. In this article, we will expose one such scam, all the lies behind it and all the hype build for it. We are going to conduct a article on Jane Marshal’s Wealth System review.



Website –

  • Jane Marshal seems to be an incredibly kind woman who wishes to help people make more money and live a comfortable life. But is she for real ?
  • The Jane Marshal’s Wealth System website claims that this software utilizes the same tactics as the founder Jane Marshall utilized when she was a broker and also claims that it is different from all other binary options. But do we know what tactics are they talking about?

Our Jane Marshal’s Wealth System review will expose the truth behind it.

  • This clever scam tricks you into investing your hard earned money.
  • The Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is  scam for real.
  • They try to lure fresh victims by showing them the“supposed” success of Jane.
  • Jane Marshal’s Wealth System review is one of the slackest scams as there are no details provided about how the software generates hundreds of dollars every day.
  • The only information that they provide is that these crooks make a very good return from the smallest of investments, which is a lie.

This article will give you an idea and sufficient proof that this software’s reliability and authenticity is zero and that this is a big scam.

Who is Jane Marshal ?

  • The official website of this system states that, Jane Marshall is a top-notch Wall Street firm broker and that she is maintaining the investment portfolios of a lot of people.
  • The website also says that she is an analyst for a particular firm, which contradicts the other statement.
  • Shealso is supposedly the founder of the Jane Marshal’s Wealth System.

After a little research and review, we found out that she does not exist.

  • The photo provided on the website, which is supposed to be of Jane Marshall, is actually a stock photo.
  • This lady is neither an entrepreneur nor an analyst nor a mother. Yes, she does not exist at all. This is another indication that this system most likely a scam.
  • And the photo of the baby is used on purpose to melt the heart of the visitors.
  • It is human psychology to be more susceptible to getting involved with anything when there are babies or older aged people or animals.

Do not be fooled by all these tricks.


What is Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review ?

  • The website plays a PowerPoint presentation with a female voice, which is supposedly of Jane Marshall.
  • She tells us that she quit her job after he first child due to ahectic schedule and stayed at home to raise him.
  • She has now developed a trading algorithm that earns her millions of dollars and she wants to share the little secret with us.
  • The video claims to teach the viewers how to make money, but it only has another usual push button software trading system to offer.

Apart from this, there is no information of how this trading system is going to work or how it will be profitable to you.

There is also no information about how much of profit you will be making on an average. Frankly, this entire fantastical story is fake and just a net to lure the viewers in investing.

How does Jane Marshal’s Wealth System scam people ?

  • This scam provides you as little information as possible and hopes that the viewers will sign up for it without any further investigation or knowledge.
  • All we get to know from the PPT is that you have to deposit $250 initially into the broker’s account in order to activate the trading software.
  • Other than this there is no information on how we are going to earn all those hundreds of dollars daily. It seems to some kind of secret formula.
  • The software claims to be different from all the other binary trading systems, but underneath it is all the same old trap for the viewers.
  • It is designed to steal any or all funds applied on it.

Lack of detail

  • Nowhere on the PPT or on the website do they state about how this system works.
  • It seems like a very poor and totally unprofessional kind of a presentation of the system.
  • It just claims to be the best software till date and claims to earn you millions of dollars in a very short period of time, out of nowhere.
  • There is no explanation of how this trading system is going to benefit the viewers.
  • There is literally zero information except about the lady, Jane Marshall herself.

These facts itself are proof enough to know that this software is nothing but a deception.

Fake Testimonials & Reviews

This Jane Marshall’s Wealth System review is all over the social media and web marketing. You might have either received a spam email or it had popped up on your social media page. Do not trust a word of it.

The website also has a section called “Press Release”, where you will see several online journals with positive reviews. All of these are fake journals. None of the magazines are for real. These quotes are just created to make the software look legitimate in order to lure the viewers. It is totally brazen.


Free Demo

The software claims to give you a free demo once you sign up, so you can test the trading system.But once have actually signed up, you will not find any demo. Another lie added up to this huge scam. This way they just get their hands on your e-mail addresses. You will eventually start to receive a dozen of promotional e-mails daily.

Jane Marshall Wealth System Scam Warning

  • The Jane Marshall Wealth System is actually a scam created by an affiliate marketer who just wants to bag all the broker commissions.
  • He gets paid, once he succeeds in convincing you to sign up. It is as simple as that.
  • Once you have deposited the money to the broker, they will start giving you bad signals of their website, it will stay on freeze mode and finally your account is gone.
  • Also, the software has a weird interface and is not so user-friendly.
  • There are no special features that enhance your investments and trading and aid in increasing the profits.

Once they steal your money, they are gone. You will not have any chance of getting it back whatsoever.

Zero Customer Service

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System claims to have the best customer service in the field and hence, responds within a short period when contacted for any problem that you are facing. In real, the customer service does not exist at all, especially for those who have any questions regarding the money invested. The system deals only with people who want to invest money, not with the ones that have already invested.

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Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review - Verdict


Scam seal

  • The Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is a Scam.
  • It is an auto-trading program which is malicious and dishonest.
  • It has not proven to work and is totally not worth the pixels it has been written on.
  • It just seeks to steal people’s money and then disappears.
  • This trading system has been on the market for a while, but there are not too many people who have fallen for the trap, thankfully.

Hope you have found this detailed review and all the points mentioned that prove this trading system to be a scam helpful.

Binary Options trading is a very lucrative field and many people aregenerating wholesome monthly income from it. But, the industry also has many crooks, which are looking to steal your money. So be more careful while investing in such trading systems.

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