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Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Scam in Totality

Dubai Lifestyle App Review – This Scam Software is the latest product launched for traders opting the binary options trading system. But sadly enough we have found out concrete evidences against this software which points out that it is nothing but a big hoax. Our in depth review will reveal all the evidences one by one and it shall definitely save you from committing a grave financial mistake.

Scam Website –

Developer / CEO – Scott Hathaway (Fake Name) 

Dubai Lifestyle App is said to be developed and owned by Scott Hathaway and is another scheme deliberately launched to steal money. The convincing audio makes you want to sign up with them and solve all your financial woes in no time. But that is where you make the mistake. Do not get blinded by the manipulative pitch. Dig deeper, go through the details in depth and verify if the information is genuine or not.

How Dubai Lifestyle App Scam People

It starts with some enticing words narrated by Scott Hathaway – The time has finally come to change your lifestyle and grab that break which you were waiting for. You are listening to this because you are one of our personally selected invitees to become one of the 100 beta testers from all over the world. Mr Hathaway further tells you about the stunning lifestyle of Dubai and shows you the dreams of living that kind of life full of luxuries and extravagance. He explains how he moved to Dubai few years ago and after experiencing the glittering Dubai he decided that he has to develop an auto trading app to catch up with the way the money flows in Dubai.

Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Everyone dreams of being surrounded by luxuries and a big fat bank account that keeps on getting fatter without a lot of efforts. Dubai lifestyle app promises you all that by giving you an earning potential of $7000 per day. To develop this app Scott Hathaway hired some to the best developers, engineers, coders and programmers so that he could offer us the best output. Now to hire the best experts huge funding was required and some filthy rich Mahmood brothers whom Mr Hathaway happened to meet one fine day got generous and funded a whopping amount of $430k towards this research and development (Only the Mahmood brothers could tell if this story has any authenticity and that too if any such Mahmood brothers exist in reality! )

How does Dubai Lifestyle App operate & what does it promise ?

  • Dubai Lifestyle App is an auto trading software that generates binary signals that are well researched by experts in the field and aims at helping the clients to gain huge returns on their investment.
  • It claims to be an incredible trading tool with a brilliant 99.8% winning ratio which gives you a scope of making $7000 daily.
  • To get started you need to deposit $250 into the account of some shady broker of theirs. So mind well you are not getting this app for free.
  • This system claims that it was kept a secret for first 3 months and was tested upon some Dubai residents who used this app and successfully made insane profits.
  • Fabricated testimonials are also shown supporting this trading system wherein various paid actors make up stories trying to convince you by saying that if we could earn huge profits you too surely would.

What brings us to say that Dubai Lifestyle App is nothing but a big scam

  • Fake CEO – Scott Hathaway is just a fictional character created by the scammers behind this scam. Mr Hathaway is just a name and a face with no real existence.
  • Baseless promises – They promise that by using this system you can generate an income of about $7000 a day with an winning ratio of 99.8% !! These kind of promises are just hyped claims and unachievable goals.
  • Fabricated testimonials – In the promotional videos you will find real people sharing their experiences and supporting this app deliberately. But our team did a thorough research and tried to find out that who these people were in reality and guess what we found out ? None of these people have actually used this app or gained any profits out of it but they are actually cheap paid actors who give such scripted fake testimonials to trap innocent people.
  • Domain registration – To find out when was the domain of Dubai Lifestyle app registered we took the help of and found out that the website was registered only in July 2016. This clearly contradicts their claim of prolonged research and testing phase of the app.

Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Reviews

There has been a rising demand in the number of auto pilot software in the binary options market but so has been a noted increase in the number of scams being floated every other day by the gang of scammers. It has become much easier to get away with such scams as in the online market it is difficult to trace the source. Hence it is always advisable to think before you leap into any such phony app offers otherwise you will be left regretting for lifetime. Checkout some other scam like this one Modern Profit Professor Scam,  Zero Loss Formula Scam

Important information 

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Dubai Lifestyle App Verdict

 Dubai Lifestyle App is a big Scam !

Dubai Lifestyle App is definitely not the system you should be trusting with you money. We have given ample revelations that conclude beyond doubt that this app is just a compilation of lies and nothing more than that. This software has shown no creditability until now and shall never will. So we strictly advice you to stay away from it forever. Our team shall always do our best to help you avoid all possible scams and pick out the reliable one for you.

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