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Centument Project 2.0 Scam Review – Complete Fraud

Centument Project 2.0 Scam Review –  This Software is the latest version of the same old scam presented in little revised manner. Now what is the revision here ? It is being a little more deceitful and yet again a big scam ! The software has gone viral is just couple of days because the marketing team of this fraud gang has left no stone un turned in promoting it via email and social media.  For those who have already received such email invitation please trash it. Let us review it in detail and know exactly what the hype is all about.

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What are the details of the Centument Project 2.0 scam ?

If you are considering to invest your money into this trading software developed by a Gerald Reed then please stop right away and be alert. If you take a look at the Centument Project 2.0 website you will find the so called actor posing as some Gerald Reed narrating the story behind this software and speaking a bunch of lies to trap the traders. He goes on in the promotional video to explain why the version 1 of this software failed and what changes he has brought into the latest version.

The first version of the Centument Project software was launched about 9 months ago. Lot of online traders fell for it and failed miserably to make any profits and soon enough it was declared as a scam. The team of tricksters had good guts to come again in the market by making up some stories and bringing in this latest version. In reality this project 2 is also nothing but a bogus system which is never going to give you any gains.

Centument Project 2.0 Scam Review

The reason of failure of Centument Project 1 & the actions taken as mentioned by Mr Reed

The brokers that were chosen for the original version of the Centument Project turned out to be unscrupulous and they were the ones who were trying to manipulate the system by hacking it and making people lose the trades. We are not saying this but this is what the mastermind behind the scam has to say to justify himself and fool  the traders once again. He further claims that this time around there would be no such lapse in the system and it is being closely monitored. He claims of appointing programmers, engineers, hackers as well as mathematicians to make this version so advanced that no broker can tamper it.

Sadly many traders have started falling for this system and the Centument Project 2.0 is once again ready to steal your money. We recommend that ignore this software just like before and go through our honest and unbiased once again to remain away from this old wine in new bottle !

The centument project 2 scam review

Point to Consider about  Centument Project 2.0 Scam

  • Gerald Reed and his team made some dirty money by fooling a lot of people the first time and is back again to sell the same crap by calling it revised and improved. Do not make the mistake to believe on the words of these devils in disguise. If you do so all you will get is utter disappointment.
  • We tried to find out if there were any substantial evidences to support the claims they are making but there is nothing to verify except his words which were not trustworthy even the first time. Hence it is better not to rely just on the sweet coated words and fall for the trap.
  • To start using this software one needs to open an account with an unregistered broker listed on their site by paying $250 which means they are not regulated brokers and if we decide to open such an account we are risking our money without any guarantee or assurance of return. Anybody who is sensible enough to gauge the danger will not do this mistake.
  • An auto trading platform which claims of 100 percent success rate is lying out rightly and one should consider it as a ridiculous scam. Anyone having a relevant experience in auto trading must know that there is not a single system which guarantees a 100 percent success rate without incurring a single loss, an experienced trader will definitely laugh out loud at such silly claims.
  • During the cheap promotional video we hear of some unique algorithm that is behind the grand success of this tamper proof trading system. But we never get to know clearly as to what is this algorithm. Mr Reed continues to tell stories that are practically non-existent and carries zero credibility.

The centument project2 scam

In simple words there is actually nothing that has been rectified or improved or revised from the previous version and this is merely an attempt to cheat the traders once again by bogus claims and manipulative stories. This system is not worth even a single penny of our  time and attention. In fact we would call the Centument team as a foolish bunch of scammers who are making this immature attempt to fool the public by twisting and presenting the same lies. We are sure they are going to fail miserably in doing so.

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Centument Project 2.0 Verdict

Centument Project 2.0 is ALL SCAM , Nothing Else !!!

Scam sealWe have listed enough reasons and proofs which suggests that this is not the system which you would want to select to put your money into. If you make the mistake of getting fooled by their misleading persuasions then you would be dealing with crooks who are waiting to make a fool out of you and such like minded people not once but over and over again.

There is nothing reliable about this software and it is as fake as the first one. Gerald Reed is nothing but a paid actor and more so a bad one who is already gaining dislikes on the social media. No system can guarantee you a 100 % winning trade. Keeping all these aspects in mind we would advise you only one simple thing – stay away from Centument Project 2 !

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