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Binabot Review – Scam or Trusted Find out

Binabot Review – We often come across new apps and software based on binary option trading system but they are either too good to be true or turn out to be a scam and burn a big hole in our pockets ! Most of you must have heard about BinaDroid which was a semi automated trading software and worked very well for quite a lot of people. Binabot is its latest version and is a full auto trading system.

History and Overview 

Binabot is a software developed by a guy named Troy Everett and earlier version Binadroid was released for the public in March 2016. It uses the Android technology and with the help of complex algorithm it compares the trading strategies and takes successful trades. Binadroid was a semi automated trading system where you could select the number and timing of the trade. Whereas the version 2 is a fully auto trading system which cuts out any loopholes or scope of mistakes that any manual or semi automated systems makes. It also has many advanced features and overall it poses as a very promising software for the traders. The most unique feature of this software is it has a reverse button that can counteract trades thus limiting the risk exposure and ensuring maximum returns. It is one of the most revolutionary binary trading software of the year and had already received lots of positive feedbacks.


Positives of BinaBot software 

The BinaBot software is easy to access and uses high speed computers giving it an edge higher over the other binary systems.

  • It is designed to function on total auto pilot mode which reduces any manual mistakes
  • Using Android technology it monitors and tracks the data from top traders
  • It is user friendly and quick to set up that even an inexperienced trader finds it easy to use
  • One can choose which regulated broker to go with from the multiple genuine brokers listed with the system
  • Can be used for trading anywhere in the world
  • Higher accuracy and success rate
  • Completely free to use post broker registration

Negatives of BinaBot system

Good news !!! We couldn’t find out any major concerns or negatives with our BinaBot Review.

Now that we have discussed about the history and positives in our BinaBot Review let us quickly take you through how to get started with it –

  • Go to the official website and enter the required details like your name, email address, password, etc.
  • After you are signed in as a member click on the tab to select the broker
  • Now comes the money part. You need to deposit the minimum amount required by your broker which is normally $250
  • You will need to verify your account as per the instructions given and that should complete the registration and activation process

Voila ! You are now all set to start your first trading !

Select the auto trade trading option, decide on how much you want to put on each binary trade and then sit back and watch the system take its course. You can also choose from the set of 3 settings that are low risk, medium risk and high risk. When you receive profits in your account you can use it for new trades or even withdrawn the money by instructing your broker with the same.

Some BinaBot Features are as follows


Is BinaBot a scam ?

After the success of version 1 we do not see any reason or loophole in the version 2 of it being a scam or a trap. The video featuring Troy Everett to market the software does not show any hard to believe facts or testimonials nor it gives any timeline that would make traders rush to  acquire the app immediately. So as per our review and observation we find this software completely trustworthy for all you traders to use and make some good money. In short BBinaBot is a tool based on binary trading systems and makes you earn maximum returns with minimum risks.

Try BinaBot 100 % Free

BinaBot Software Verdict

BinaBot is NOT a Scam

trusted sealWe feel that this software is genuine and not any kind of trap unlike other software marketed by many online scammers. BinaBot passes our fake trap test and we give a green signal to all you enthusiastic binary traders to invest and grow your hard earned money through this software if you wish to gain some financial freedom. Having been reviewed under the auto trade mode this system has showed a success rate of above 90 %

Though it has to still pass the time test, currently it looks like there are already positive feedbacks about the software and people are happy to sign up for it. We are happy reviewing it and recommend all our readers to sign up. Do not forget to send us your feedbacks and you all are free to share some of your profits with us 😉

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